This is an equity linked insurance plan available to anyone up to age 75 years. The plan is structured to provide insurance protection with medium term fund accumulation to individuals up to age 60 years, and insurance protection to individuals aged 61-75 years. The maximum sum insured varies by issue age.

Unit Allocation

A percentage of each Basic Premium paid is allocated to purchase units as follows:               
Monthly PremiumPolicy Year
123-1011 & over
7,500.00 - 24,999.9995%95%95%96.50%
25,000.00 and over90%95%95%96.50%


  • If death occurs during the first year and death is not as a result of an accident, the benefit payable on death is the greater of all premiums paid and the fund value.
  • If death occurs during the second policy year and death is not as a result of an accident, the benefit payable on death is the greater of 50% of the Basic Sum Insured and the Fund Value, less any indebtedness.
  • If death occurs after the second policy year, the death benefit is the greater of the Basic Sum Insured and the Fund Value, less any indebtedness.
Terminal Illness – provided the policy is in force for at least two (2) full years and where the Insured is confirmed by a physician to be terminally ill, and prognosis is that death is likely to occur within six (6) months – 50% of the death benefit (subject to an upper limit decided by the Company) is payable.
The owner/life insured may choose at the start of the policy to have the Basic Sum Insured and the Basic Premium automatically increase on each policy anniversary. This rate may be between 5% and 20% inclusive. The last automatic increase will occur on the policy anniversary at which the insured is age 64 nearest birthday or sooner if the Basic Sum Insured reaches $10,000,000. Indexation helps to maintain the value of your investment in real terms.
  • The owner/life insured, by written request before a policy anniversary, may choose not to take up the automatic increase. If the life insured chooses not to take up the increase for more than two (2) successive policy anniversary; then the option will be cancelled.


Units may be encashed at any time subject to a minimum encashment value and a transaction fee as determined by the Company. A minimum amount (Residual Fund Value) must remain of a least 120% of the Surrender Penalty. (See policy table in policy contract)

Option to Continue

The plan has an automatic option for continuation beyond the tenth year.

Fund Allocation

The proportion of the amount allocated to the respective Sagicor Segregated Funds can be changed from time to time. The value of the investment in these funds is not guaranteed.

Cash Surrender

The plan can be surrendered at any time for its Fund Value, less a transaction fee and less a surrender penalty expressed as a percentage of the Annual Premium as follows:
Number of Complete Years' Premium PaidSurrender Penalty as a Percentage of the Basic Premium
10 and over0.0
There is no penalty if full surrender takes place on or after the Option Date.

Non-Payment of Premiums

Thirty days grace is allowed for the payment of any premium from its due date.

Monthly Deductions

The monthly deductions each month is the sum of the administration charge and the cost of insurance for the Basic Sum Insured.
The Cost of Insurance is a one-year term mortality/morbidity charge, which is based on the attained age of the Life Insured.
Disclaimer: This information leaflet is not a contract of insurance. The information contained herein is intended to provide you with an overview of the Sagi-Gold Accumulator plan. Sagicor does not accept liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided herein and refer you to your policy contract for full details on the plan.