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Financial Security in less than 24 hours. Applying for any plan requires only a few supporting documents. Please see list of acceptable documents below.

6 Simple Steps to Apply

1 Answer 5 health questions
2 Choose a suitable plan
3 Provide requested information
4 Name your beneficiaries
5 Provide payment information
6 Review & sign your application


2 A Photo ID
3 Two Referees
4 Proof of Address
5 Payment Information ?
6 Individual Self-Certification Form
7 Personal Email

Complete the Application

After submitting your application, we will review in as a little as 24 hours.
Once approved and your first premium/investment payment has been made, your coverage will begin subject to the terms and conditions in your policy contract.

What You Need To Apply

These are the items required to complete your application
Photo Id

1 Photo ID

Driver’s Licence
Voter Registration ID
Passport - sized photo stamped by JP and Birth Certificate
Employee ID(photograph & signature) with letter from Employer
Citizen card or Senior Citizen ID with Birth Certificate
offer 3

1 Proof of Address

Utility / Cable Bill
Bank Statement
Declaration to Confirm Residential Address
Current Bank Statement from Financial Institution
Voter’s Registration Card(back of the card) ?
Lease or Rental Agreement / Landlord utility bill
Spouse with utility bill in other spouse’s name – Utility bill with Marriage Certificate
Adult children still living at Home – Parents Utility Bill with Birth Certificate
College admission letter when in dorms
Telephone Directory
Accommodation provided by an employer – employer’s written confirmation of the address
Premium Payment

1 Premium Payment Method

Cash / Bank (online banking)
Pre-Authorised Payment
Debit Card / Credit Card
Salary Deduction
offer 2

2 Referees

Justice of the Peace / Notary Public
Marriage Officer / Civil Registrar
Current Sagicor Client*
Sagicor Providers *
Judge(Resident Magistrate or above)
Member of Parliament
High Commissioner / Ambassador
Financial Institution(Manager or above)
Employer for at least 3 months
Attorney at law or Clerk of Court
Principals of Registered Schools
offer 2


Financial security in less than 24 hours
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